The Evolution of an Industry Icon

It was 1963 when a small faction of luxury pool builders came together. Their goal: to exchange expertise and leverage cost savings by purchasing as a group. They called themselves Aquatech. During the next few years, these founders invited more like-minded members. Aquatech started to stand for something big and bold. Many wanted to join, but only a select few met the high standards.

In 2001, retailers came knocking. Aquatech invited these fellow pool professionals to join under the AquaValue brand. Later, the organization introduced AquaCommercial, a brand dedicated to the commercial building and service segment, and designated the Aquatech brand for its residential building members. In-house ad agency Watermark was added to catapult the brands to the top of the industry. In late 2013, the organization launched Aquadura, a private label brand for signature products and equipment. With these brands in place, Aquatech became a pool industry powerhouse. It was time to evolve.

In March 2013, Aquatech created a new identity, United Aqua Group, to serve as a corporate parent for its growing family of professional pool construction, retail and private label brands: Aquatech, AquaCommercial, AquaValue, Aquadura, TruBlu and Watermark. This new identity signifies the growth and transformation of a 50-year-old, member-owned organization that has become synonymous with integrity, quality and innovation. Today UAG is widely recognized as the most prestigious and comprehensive professional member organization in the pool industry. If the past is any indication, the next 50 years will prove to uphold the company’s ongoing success